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Oceanforce Foundation focuses primarily on community advocacy and education on ocean-related issues.

“Our mission is to create awareness about today’s threats to the oceans, marine ecosystems and beaches in communities around the globe; working with local stake holders and experts in the field to turn citizens into clean water advocates.”

In pursuit of our mission statement, Oceanforce Foundation has developed a quarterly magazine, Oceanforce Magazine—a powerful tool which will unify the efforts of all organizations working on protecting the ocean and the environment. Oceanforce Magazine will showcase efforts to create a common media platform for all environmental organizations and individuals working on ocean conservancy and environmental causes.

The magazine’s target population will include a wide demographic. Its aim will be to educate, provide a platform for community outreach, and engage individuals, as well as communities, in ocean-related issues.

“Oceanforce Magazine believes in unity, education and continuous advocacy work as fundamental pillars to changing community norms, behavior and policy towards reversing and stopping damage to the environment.”



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